Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009

Today the little stinker's pink eye appears to be improving, but it will be nice to go to the optometrist tomorrow for peace of mind. She has basically been quarantined all weekend, which was awful on all three of us! Moving, studying and tending to a toddler with pink eye on your "day off" from it all can be a bummer. But my little sickee needed Mommy. :)

Todays outfit is from Gymboree's Winter Snowflake line. The tunic is actually a size 4--but it was the only one left at the $4.99 sale and boy am I glad we got it! We've worn this three times, which is more than a lot of other outfits, because it's so comfy and cute for being home with the sniffles. And Riley LOVES the pockets.
She was wearing pigtails, but as you can see her hair is a little bit of a mess here. Can't expect too much of her today.

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  1. Buying leggings during RBS/super sales is the best buying decision ever. :) They're cute AND practical!