Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday, March 27th

Another junk pic today, man I miss my Nikon.
Wearing the last of our barely fitting winter, this is a Janie & Jack gem I barely put her in this year regardless of how much I originally loved it. The top is actually from Fancies of Fall and the skirt and boots are from Winter Jewels. Normally, the WJ sweater would be over the FOF shirt and no one would notice anything, but today it is almost 60 I believe and just way too hot for a wool sweater. The headband is from Pink Hippo's early days, when the original owners were around and everything was so new and adorable. Ah, how I miss that feeling.
I really just want my new Matilda Jane to get here today. Yesterday was our anniversary and it has set me in a funk that will not be cured until I have that package in my hands. Yes, shopping cures everything!

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  1. Hey there, fellow GF here! Love your blog, Riley is adorable!! I just became a follower.