Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29

This was my must have dress from Matilda Jane's spring line, Hotline. I don't love it as much as I did when I ordered, but it is still a nice summer dress. It is very thin, which makes it great for the hot days we have had on and off. Today we paired it with Lelli Kelly's (cannot see in pic) and a beanie that I bought at Farmers Market downtown and threw on a flower from LBB. I love the combo together, I just wish the dress fit a little better- this baby runs BIG.

Tuesday, July 28

These are not from today, but this is Riley in the STT dress again-- the outfit she wore today. Enjoy :)

Friday, July 25

Perfection. Not for a day out taking pictures, not for was saved for an average day at the zoo when I held up the Matilda Jane Yama plus Coco and said "Eh, this will do I suppose" I mean I didn't really care if I ruined it, nothing special. Then I added a stained shirt, also from MJ (lacey tank) and threw a matching flowerband on her head. She threw a huge fit about the shoes I picked out, and decided she would wear her red See Kai Run Geneva's that are a size too small. But after velcroing the straps of her too small shoes, I looked at my daughter and saw timeless beauty in the form of clothing. Some pieces that began as nothing special, even play clothes became the most complimented outfit in the history of Miss R's closet. Needless to say, this is now a favorite. Even if I did have to carry her when her too small shoes "makein my feet huuuuuwt".

"Vacation" Wear

Every year, my boyfriend's family goes on a family reuinon vacation to this bo-dunk lake town and stays at this cheesy, cheapy hotel and spends time together. They've done this for oh, the last 100 years or so, and haven't changed hotels once because it's part of the tradition. Basically,I'm giving you the back story so you can understand why the pics are awful, have horrid looking backgrounds and Riley is a mess in most of them. But we had fun, so whatever.

Thursday, July 16

Meet a new line from Baby Gap for fall, Abbey Road. It is an absolute perfect combination of toddler chic with a hint of Paul McCartney lingering in the trippy pattern of this adorable tunic dress. Sure, online it looks like just another dress that you could take or leave-- but on Riley, I am in love. Paired here with two different "bottom pieces", we started out in the Matilda Jane aqua ruffle leggings and then switched to a more fall option of navy knee highs, also from Baby Gap. I adore this outfit, and cannot wait until fall to have her wear it outside of indoor fashion shows for Mommy. These shoes we picked up from Target appear to be knock-offs of Morgan and Milo shoes,but at $12.99 are a much more budget friendly price than the $40 through MandM. They match perfectly with the dress here, but we will have to try them out for a couple weeks before attesting to their durability, hopefully the quality is that of Morgan and Milo as well! Her bracelet is from eyebead gemstone, in the junction.

Thursday, July 9

Today was a playdate day, again. Riley and her friend Laney played with toys in her room and watched movies today. She was dressed in Janie and Jack's Summer Boardwalk HAVE TO HAVE outfit from last year complete with a plain white bow from Pink Hippo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 7

Riley had a playdate with her "best friend" today and had a blast! Playdate started off in the Janie and Jack Vibrant Garden halter dress from the previous summer, paired with a dark pink flower clip from Pink Hippo. After coloring and playing dolls, we headed to the park in a Misha Lulu top and some Gap capris. As you may have noticed, those are our "park capris", because I have some strange desire to always dress her in white bottoms when we are off to the park, it's my destructive nature, I suppose. *roll eyes* The shoes are Converse, worn once and now they are too small, figures. And the bow is also from PH.

Monday, July 6

Another park day, if you haven't noticed those are fairly common for us during the summer. Where we live the weather is seldom beautiful, and during the summer months they have to be taken advantage of.
This outfit from Matilda Jane has began to lose it's luster for me. Where the top once fit nicely on my chubby daughter's torso, it has begun to fit more loosely as she thins out and blossoms into a kid when she once resembled a baby so much still. It's still a wonderful comfy set, but I think I may love it more next year. Here's hoping it fits length wise still then!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 5th

I can't help but laugh a little at today's fashion blog picture. Recently, I had wanted to go to Rothbury-- basically Mini Hippie Fest/Woodstock Wannabe 2009-- and today Riley decided that her new favorite phrase was "Peace Man". This kid cracks me up. So I threw her in some Baby Gap, hippie inspired pieces from the Flower Child line, complete with the headband placed accross the forehead-- of Riley's doing, of course.


I was a little beside myself when I realized I didn't have a themed specific Independence Day outfit waiting to be worn this year, so we improvised. The whole day was a little sporadic, really. We started off deciding to stay at home, then headed to a barbecue and then a carnival in our city so that Riley could enjoy the holiday. She was so excited to ride the "big girl rides" in her Gap Villa shirt, basic Gap shirt and skinny jeans with some lovely made to match pigtail bows by the lovely Sara.

Wednesday, July 1st

Another park day head to toe in Gymboree's Watermelon Picnic line. As you can see, Riley had a blast.

Tuesday, June 30th

We began the day with a walk in some Matilda Jane. The damsel in a dress with the betsey apron from last years MJ summer showing. It's such a comfy dress, perfect for a summer day and we have really gotten a lot of good use out of it. I think it will even fit next year as well, as Riley has started to thin out a little and the chest is beginning to become a little loose. Hooray for using every inch of life in an expensive dress, the feeling of spending money on an outfit that actually gets good use is always a relief at the end of the season. Sure, it may not be great for resale, but that isn't the point of my daughter's closet anymore.
We then headed to the park after our walk, and I thought Miss R would be more comfortable in a pant combo for the slides and swings. Being the genuis that I am, I neglected to think about white pants + dirty children at the park and the Gap capris came home to a much needed bath. The MJ Miso Pretty Halter survived though, thank goodness! Paired with See Kai Run Clara shoes and a bow from Pink Hippo.

Tuesday, June 23rd

BEHOLD, The wonderfully beautiful, all powerful Set the Table apron dress from Janie & Jack. This is our second time owning this gorgeous piece, last time was for Riley's 1st birthday-- and being so afraid that I would ruin it, I sold it immediately after her pictures. This time around, the dress is for wearing. It is one of my favorites ever, and despite my goal of having her wear it once a week this is the only time she has this summer. It truly is a timeless, beautiful piece that encompasses the sentiment of being a little girl. The flower is from Little Beauty Boutique on etsy, a favorite :)

Playing Catch Up!

Sorry for the absence, I had no idea anyone read my blog until I stopped blogging and the emails began. I appreciate the kind words and will start to pick up the slack immediately! :)

Recently, our family has gone through some changes. One of the biggest being that I am a part time working mommmy now, so the days of spending all day taking pictures at the park are starting to fade away as I have this new responsibility on top of being a full time college student.

Here is Friday, June 19th for starters. This is the lovely Kate Mack tutu swimsuit, a necessity for the water baby who also thinks she is a princess/ballerina.