Saturday, February 28, 2009


We were hit with pink eye here last night and since the doctor's office is closed, Riley is actually home on the weekend. Which delays packing and studying for me, but at least I can comfort my poor sick monkey.
In the ultimate spirit of comfiness, she is wearing the shell pink/chestnut Hanna playdress set with matching leggings and socks. The made to match headband was made by by a lovely lady named Megan. Her bows are excellent, and made of actual Hanna fabric making them just as long lasting as the actual dress!
We will be retiring this playdress tonight, as it is to the point I deem "too short to wear even with leggings". This will probably be her last playdress ever since I think they're starting to look like pajamas now that she's almost 2. Tears, my baby is growing up!


  1. I totally agree with the pj statement. PD's are a thing of the past here-same goes for Baby Lulu. It all looks like jammies now

  2. I know--it pains me to say that about our Lulu sets but it's so true :(