Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6, 2009

Today it was very spring-like out. I say spring-like because everyone knows winter doesn't officially end in Iowa until May. Mother nature likes to swoop in with some sunshine before hitting us upside the head with a blizzard. I've come to expect this.
I didn't expect us to have only one spring outfit when the weather hit 60 degrees. Whoops. Good thing we have some Matilda Jane on the way! Riley is wearing her one spring outfit, from Baby Gap, purchased yesterday when I had that "oh crap, she needs something lighter to wear for when it's 60 degrees out" moment. It's a cute peasant-ish flowy top with a turquoise tank and chambray jeans. Bow from Pink Hippo. I really love this on her. Know what else we love? Cookies. And comments. You can pick which one to send ;)


  1. I tried mailing cookies to Marc for Christmas one time. It turned out really bad. Really bad. I think comments are better.

    Your weather was better than mine today. Amazing!

  2. Comments don't make my ass NEARLY as big either, so I prefer them :D