Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Greatest Hits 2010-11 Vol. 1

Riley hangs out at Saddle Creek for the day when she was 3, before we lived in Omaha. We had just spent months in Los Angeles, so she wore a excessive layered look of Gap, Gymboree, American Apparel, Olive Juice and Zara.
We spent an entire day at Houston Airport in this comfy skinny jean and t set from Zara.
Hanging out at The Grove in Los Angeles in a jean jacket from Baby Gap; skirt, purse and scarf from Zara, Am Appy socks and pink Converse. We went to The Squeegees on this day.
This was Xmas Eve of the roughest year. This was her tree, it's a long story. Being a real trooper in a dress from Crewcuts and a Target sweater and belt.
Dressed up as a hipster (as a joke) in some Target lace leggings, She & Him shirt as a dress, theatre 3d glasses and her signature Riley jean jacket.

Bringing the blog back?

I'm considering abandoning my commitment to neglect this blog and bring it back to speed. However, there is a full year of missed posts and a toddler who is now quite the independent little child (as if she was ever NOT independent...). The new posts will be a far cry from the old ones, as I haven't an idea what most line names are, nor have I shopped at Gymboree in over a year. Riley is responsible for her fashion most days, but we'll try blogging her picks on a trial basis, and hope you stick around to see how we've evolved.

Happy holidays!