Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27

So I have been slacking in a major way. It's finals week (well, I'm fortunate enough to have two weeks of finals- ha) and I've been busy pursuing new, exciting ventures. Riley has been well dressed and along for the ride, but my camera seems to have been neglected.

Anyway, today she wore a skirt that has been hanging shyly in the back of her closet. Nervous that it would be too tight, I kept it at a distance, saddened by the potential thought that it may be too small before she ever wore it.

It was not. It was baby designer heaven. Yes, she does sort of look like a mini adult here, but I think Riley and Marc Jacobs were meant for each other. (The shirt is Matilda Jane, who I don't love quite as much anymore.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15

Janie & Jack capris, Naartjie fall trans ruffle top (another recylce) and Gymboree bowband. Lindsey was the fashion coordinator again today, and I love this combo on my sassy tot :)

Announcement: Head on over to www.justaddsparkles21.blogspot.com to check out MY fashion project ;)

Wednesday, April 14

"We recycle, we don't just throw Gymbo away!"...sang to the tune of the 3 R's song. You know the one. Or maybe you don't, it's very possible that my school created it....but anyway.

This set is from last years Watermelon Picnic line. And yes, it is the same set she had last year. In the same size. And yes, it's a tight fit, but she's not showing belly or butt so it works for a sweltering summeresque day of play. The bow was made by a lovely lady, Amanda-- we absolutely adore the bows she made for us for last summer and plan to use these adorable bows as much as possible this summer as well! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13

Riley's nanny dressed her in this little number by Little Marc Jacobs while I was off at school. I absolutely adore this dress on her, and it is thin, so it's perfect for hot spring days like today.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, April 9

I don't think my daughter quite grasps the concept of weather/temperature/etc. She wanted to wear this top today, and after trying to explain that it would only be 60 degrees, I tried a different approach and persuaded her to pick out jeans to wear with it. I don't think she was freezing, so that's good....but I'm not a fan of summer tops with jeans. (STILL NEED THE CHAMBRAY SHORTS/BERMUDAS, BTW :D)

This top is from Janie & Jack's Sweet Summer Tea line from the previous summer, the jeans are Baby Gap, shoes are Converse and the flower clip is from LBB on etsy.

Thursday, April 8

I swear something is off with my camera. Or maybe I'm just way out of practice with natural light. Hey thanks, Winter.
This is in the running for 3rd Birthday Pictures Outfit. I just love it more than words. It's the Mim Pi "Who Let the Dots Out" suspender dress with a plain white tee from Baby Gap and a petticoat skirt from Von Maur, for extra kick.
I love the b&w contrast and the girly factor, Riley loves the twirl. I will cry when it no longer fits, I mean it. ISO next size up!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5

Meet my other daughter, Pippi Longstocking.

Today we did some spring cleaning in Gymboree's Tulip Garden. Thank you, Gymboree, for providing us with cute play clothes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

....Or is it Merry because it's Jesus related? Hmm.

The Easter goodies Riley recieved from Mommy:

I don't like to give her candy, but felt the chocolate bunny was necessary....mostly so I could eat it. The rest of the goodies is Mommy dearest pushing my childhood favorites on her. Rainbow Brite (though I loved LaLa Orange more), Hello Kitty, Alice In Wonderland (okay, that was more of a teenage indulgence. Don't ask.), and My Little Pony. She loved this basket so much, that she snuck into the top shelf and opened it early.

This seems to be Riley's signature pose lately. It's "pageant face", on command, but not always as cute as it appears. We can thank Janie & Jack for today's Easter get up. It is from my beloved Spring Celebration line. I am forever falling in love with shirts that ride up, but I love it anyway.

Friday, March 2

Riley was all Naartjie'd out for her playday with Mommy today. The headband, dress, and ruffle pants you cannot see are all from the Spring 2 (I believe) line. This was one of our purchases in California and I'm still loving it. The shoes are Lelli Kelly....we may have a situation with these as we did the last pair with her wanting to wear "princess shoes" every day. Except now she knows the brand name and tells me that the ones at Target are knockoffs when we're in the shoe aisle....but that's a whole different story.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


.....is ♥Joanna!

Thank you to everyone who entered :)

Joanna, please email me at askoog88@yahoo.com for information regarding your Coach keychain prize. :)

Thursday, March 32

Riley woke up in a great mood this morning, she was so loving and helpful, I truly thought I was being April Fooled. She was just so sweet today that I didn't want to leave but unfortunately I had a test and major paper today and I was off for class in a rush.
Her nanny, who is planning to go to FIDM next year, took over as her "fashion coordinator" today. The top is from Janie and Jack's Yacht Party line and I have no idea what jeans those are because I cannot find them as she stripped down right before I got home. Paired with BAB's and a Princess jeep to enjoy the FINALLY beautiful weather!

Wednesday, March 31

This set has fast become my favorite. The top and headband are from the Daisy Garden line from J&J that is synonymous with ugly crotched frogs, but it did produce this shirt with the stunning cut and sweet print you see here. The bottoms are the lawn ruffles from Naartjie, they are a definite staple for our spring and summer wardrobe, and we have just about every color.
The best dressed girls in our town are both sporting their Lelli Kelly's and smiles here. :)

Monday, March 29

If you haven't noticed, we came crawling back to Janie and Jack this season as we do in the summertime. I don't think there is any clothing brand more classic and sweet for summer than J&J. Their fall and winter lines are usually pretty lackluster in my opinion, but for summer the sweet simplicity is like nothing else.

This is the aqua ruffle dress from Spring Celebration. Ruffles, bows and that perfect shade of summer blue? SOLD.