Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 27

Date last worn: November 6
Times now worn: 3
Paris(i)an Park from Janie and Jack. Tights from Target.
Today we tried something new with her hair! Little pigtail braids with ribbon tied in at the bottom. Super cute.

Sunday, January 24

Last time worn: N/A
Times now worn: 1

Outfit: Every once in awhile, the kids' section at Target will surprise you. When I found this dress, I was floored. For obvious reasons, I absolutely love this dress. Yes, my daughter probably has more outfits with black and white...and polka dots...then necessary. But this was only $13. Now I just have to cross my fingers that it will hold up in the wash!

Hair today: Now that Riley actually has hair, I like to try different things with it. While I'm still restricted in my "creativity" due to the curly-ness and shortness of her hair, I'm trying! :) Today we did low curly pigtails with boutique bows we purchased from the lovely bowmaker, Michelle of Luna's Garden Boutique.

Friday, January 22

Date last worn: N/A
Times now worn: 1

We finally wore the Gap furry dress I just HAD to have when it came out. Wore it to Target today to hear from multiple people that it was on sale for like $4. Cool. Not like I spent $100 on it or anything, but I really need to start watching for better deals at Baby Gap.

We threw on some basic browns underneath, pulled her hair into two buns with bows and pulled on the gap slouchy boots for probably the last time.

ETA: Please don't mind my messy kitchen counter. My roommate/boyfriend-person is a slob, and STILL after living together for 3 years, has no idea how to pick up after himself.

Monday, January 18

Last wear: Friday, November 13
Times now worn: 3

Still my favorite, this jumper from Mim Pi is the essence of little girly boutique goodness. Paired with Target tights, Target shoes, Gap undershirt and a BAB from Von Maur. LOVE.

Friday, January 15

Last wear: Monday, October 19th

Times now worn: 2 (can't be right!?)

This is the Matilda Jane Gypsy Blue Molly skirt...I think. I've been out of shopping for children's clothes for a couple months and now it feels like a foreign language. Anyway, we paired it with the Gap deauville corsage shirt again and some brown solid Gap leggings and the Gap slouchy boots (that are getting too small :( )The pink pigtail bows are made by Sara, of course.

.....And yes, this is in a Gap dressing room.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6

Last worn: ?
Times now worn: 2

Riley is still feeling icky with her cold, so I think this will be the last blog update until she is feeling a little better. Poor baby :(

This is the black friday "special" (read: cheap) fleece that looks less than stellar after one wash. Guess I won't fall into that trap again. Granted, the pieces were only about $6 each, but for Gymboree I expect more. It will work as a comfy "snowed in" outfit though, and Riley is a fan of anything with a hood and pockets!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5

Last time worn: Never
Times now worn: 1

Bad picture, beautiful dress. Riley is still sick and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to let her wear a dry clean only dress with a runny nose. Someone please send me some of their spare common sense, I seem to have misplaced mine. The dress is Stella McCartney for Baby Gap-- wish we had somewhere fancier to debut this adorable dress!

Monday, January 4

Last time worn: Never.
Times now worn: N/A

I finally scored the infamous Stella McCartney (for Baby Gap) necklace tee shirt. Though the bottom of the shirt kind of irritates me because it seems to have a life of its own....I absolutely love this shirt. The detail is adorable, and Riley loves to ask about all the items it features and talks about it. My poor little baby has a nasty cold right now, but once she is feeling better we will be sure to wear this beauty out and get better pictures. :)

New Year, New Fashion.

January 3rd, 2010!

Last time worn: October 26, 2009

Times now worn: 2 (in this size/season)

The Brownie Lap by Matilda Jane, revisited. This time I made an attempt to funk it up a little with the fiona in knit underneath it and the pale peony flowerband from LittleBeautyBoutique (check her out on etsy!). It kind of screams flower child to me, which I do not hate-- but this isn't working the way I had hoped. Brownie lap second time around just isn't doing it for me. *Gasp* I just said that, yes. But I will strive to make this a favorite again.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The best things in life are free, pfft. As if.

This gorgeous dress retails at Chasing-Fireflies for $88.

I NEED this dress. Please be mine, gold sparkle strap dress.

Okay, maybe claiming it as a necessity is a little much, especially as Riley is the one who hypothetically "needs" it and not me.

But it's so pretty. Student loans, student schmoans. Whatever. I want it. Now. In the spirit of Veruca Salt, let's all indulge in our deepest, most ridiculous desires if only for today.

After all, you can always defer the bill until tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, Riley wore her Burberry skirt with a plain red shirt, black tights and Uggs. I was beyond irriated with myself because I left her gorgeous LBB hair accessory at work the day before and had to settle for this Burberry bow that just doesn't live up to the LBB flower :( But we made do, and I think she looks Christmas Eve perfect :)

Christmas Day called for something a little more formal, and I have been waiting for the perfect day to bring this beauty out from Janie and Jack. It's from the Beautifully Adorned line and I think the name says it all. Paired with the infamous Target "sparkle fancy shoes", a flower headband from Christine Hilbert on etsy, and a last minute sweater.....I don't think I could've found a prettier Christmas day outfit. Now I just need to take her out and get professional pictures in it.
Hope everyone had a splendiferous Christmas ;)