Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday & Tuesday, December 14 & 15

*Monday, Dec. 14*

Last wear: N/A

Times now worn: 1

Junk Food tees have become socially acceptable in our household. I had feared this day would come, and it has. Okay, I know that sounds a little excessively dramatic but I DON'T LIKE CHARACTER CLOTHING. But it's not always about me. Actually, it's never about me save the exception of picking Riley's clothing. Lately, that has even become a battle that princess knows she is capable of winning given the time restraints on dressing some days and my "pick your battles with the stubborn two year old" attitude I've recently adapted. Hence the Fancy Nancy junk food holiday shirt. Riley is pretty convinced that FN and Olivia the Pig are either related to her or her best friends-- and she is all about them lately. Vamanos, Dora. Sorry, Kai-Lan, you no longer make Riley's heart super happy. It's all about the high maintainence girls in books that are so eerily relatable to little Miss Riley.

Anyway, once I got over the fact that the shirt isn't my favorite, I stood in awe of my little baby. Because she is TWO AND A HALF....and starting to look more and more like a child rather than a baby every day. Bittersweet? To say the least.

Last wear: N/A
Times now worn: 1

*Tuesday, Dec. 15*

We ran some errands today on a time limit. I didn't want to get stopped at every single store with "Where did you get her outfit", so I went with some understated attire today. Don't get me wrong, the compliments are nice-- but it's 10 days from Christmas and one of my last days to shop for everyone on my list before then, I'm in a rush and have an uncooperative two year old tagging along. The flower is from LittleBeautyBoutique (naturally- as if she hasn't worn it ten thousand times already), jeans, sweater and boots from Baby Gap, and the shirt is from Matilda Jane's Hotline from this summer. It's super thin and not great for winter, but she had her Gap warmest coat on all day anyway. This looks a little like a mini adult outfit to me, and I think it aged her because she got asked if she was 3 or 4 all day. Doesn't help that she is an amazon child and particularily chatty later in the afternoon I guess.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 11

Date of last wear: Tuesday, November 3
Times now worn: 2 (I swear it's been more?)

Today we layered the Gap Corsica dress due to the extreme cold-- it was even chilly indoors with the heater on. The last pic is just a hair update I guess haha. It's really growing now, and I'm loving being able to do it in different styles-- when Miss HM allows, that is.

Bow is from Von Maur, tights and undershirt from Target.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowed In: Wednesday, December 9

Video notes: Please don't mind my little baby speak voice. I promise I don't sound 12 normally, usually I sound about 15. But still, give me some credit. :) Think she's heard this story a few hundred times?

Last wear: Tuesday, October 20th

Times now worn: 3

For the last wear of the Gap Deauville skirt that I adore so much, I switched things up a little and paired it with the white corsage tee as opposed to the black that we usually do (well, twice). Piggies are adorned with small white bows from Sara and once again Miss R is tight-less due to potty training. Anyway, au revoir, beautiful deauville skirt. We only knew you for a short time, but you were an instant favorite. Off to eBay for the next size up!

Time for a new section of the Riley Fashion Log Blog, RILEY REVIEWS! Now that she is a full fledged little person, she has her own opinions and is very verbal with them. After all, this blog is a window for her when she is older-- I want her to participate in it :) Expect Riley Reviews to be short, sweet and to the point.

Today Riley wore OPI's "Linkin Park After Dark" in suede on her little nails. This color is unique because of the suede finish, it dries ultra quick and varies from the original "LPAD" shade. I absolutely love it. Riley's opinion?:

"Purple is SO pretty on my nails, Mom-Mom. I LUFF IT!"

There you have it, if it's good enough for Miss High Maintainence, it should pass just about anyone's standards.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 8

We are literally snowed in. This is Iowa. One day it is almost 60 degrees and breezy, the next your driveway has 14 inches of snow and you are unable to leave. The state knows what it is doing, it traps its citizens in. Why else would I stay here? Anyway, Riley BEGGED to go play in the snow the minute she woke up. I held it off as long as possible, knowing all too well the moment I gave in she would make it a point to attempt to stay out ALL DAY. And she did. But I didn't let her freeze, and for that I suffered. When I went to dress her in snow appropriate clothes, I found I was ill prepared for this weather, so I improvised. "This polka dot mess will suffice" was the thought running through my mind as I bundled her up to brave the winter cold. Polka Dot Mess is compliments of Mini Boden (coat), Uggs (boots), and Gymboree (for everything else). Her style is clearly the envy of all the other tots in our neighborhood ready to pelt mommy with snowballs....even if she is the only tot in the neighborhood. :D

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, December 7th

Last wear: Friday, October 9th

Times now worn: 2

Reason for no tights/bottoms: Potty training

Reason for crying: Her hood fell down. The hood HAS to stay up. All day. Even inside. Then she realized there were no pockets. Riley do hath wrath on thee hoodie lacking pockets.

Friday, December 4th

Last wear: http://rileycadance.blogspot.com/search/label/Burberry

Times now worn: 2

Nothing is better suited for a shopping trip and afternoon at the bookstore than Burberry paired with Uggs, right? Newest addition to our hair accessory obsession collection is this beautifully crafted Burberry flower made by the very talented Jessica of Little Beauty Boutique. She is such a doll for humoring me with this idea, and I adore the way it turned out!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm sure these pictures are an accurate portrayl of how I look and why I put all my energy into my daughters clothing, as you can see I'm pretty frumpy. Years ago, in the land before Riley (aka high school) I was a relatively skinny, pretty girl. Okay, I'm being modest-- I was way adorable. Only in retrospect can you say that without sounding completely self absorbed, right?

Riley wanted to wear her ballerina princess dress yesterday, so that is what she wore. I'm trying to let her have choices now that she is becoming more opinionated and she loves this (nightgown) dress to pieces, and I do have to say it is MUCH cuter in person than it is online or on the rack. It is a velour, so it does look better when dried unfortunately and it runs small. We did a size 4 so we could tumble dry. I just don't like the look nor feel of velour when hung dried. Paired with an old matching bow from Pink Hippo to make it look less nightgownish and some Uggs (it was freezing) this was the perfect outfit for quick errands and watching the dreaded Straw-ba-ba-bapple Berry. All. Day.