Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An outfit and a Contest

Today's outfit is a little mix of everything good. Bowband made by me, t-shirt from Target, dress is the Matilda Jane Lil Apple knot, tights are Mini Boden and the boots are the good old beat up Target boots we love so much. I have a "bad habit" of mixing MJ with anything. And everything. I love Matilda Jane you could say. Which is something you wouldn't have heard me say a year ago--but alas, I am now a fan. Or obsessee. I just think it fits Riley's personality so well.
Anyway, on to the important junk. Now that I have my ten requirement--it's time for the contest! I tried to think of something really cool, but I think you'll have to stick it out with me to get to that point--they will get cooler in the future, I promise. ;) But at this time I'm offering up my Gap Give & Get online one time use coupon code to the third comment poster. :) If everyone has one, I'll send out a Gymbo code/in store coupon. Good luck and thanks for subscribing! :)

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