Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing catch-up....

Let me preface by saying I have had a VERY busy week. We moved and are still in the process of sorting everything out of boxes and painting. We took a two day trip to St. Louis that only put the process further behind, but I did take 3 fashion log pictures during this time. I'm back now! :)
These are out of order I think. The one in the middle is from our first day in the new place. It's the Janie & Jack Penguin Winter dress and tights that I love so much with her Clara See Kai Run's.
The right pic is from St. Patty's Day, it was so nice out that I was pretty unprepared for 70 degree weather AND green, so thank goodness I had this gem hiding away :) It's the Matilda Jane damsel in a dress with the Betsy apron. This dress runs really small (this is a 4!) but it's so simple and cute. Paired it with the Clara's again, but later changed into the Genevas--the red just looked better with this set.
Now for the far left, great picture huh? This was right before naptime. She's wearing Janie & Jack Uptown Holiday with red target knee highs and shoes. The knee highs just weren't working well for us this day and the outfit is just a mess but it's normally to die for cute haha.


  1. The uptown holiday outfit is so cute!

  2. How do you have 11 followers? LOL!

    I think that is probably the cutest picture I've ever seen in the Damsel. It's totally not my thing, but Riley makes me rethink it. :)

  3. Really? I didn't like it at all really either...but I saw it for a good deal and thought, hey that might be a good play dress *ducking*