Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Greatest Hits 2010-11 Vol. 1

Riley hangs out at Saddle Creek for the day when she was 3, before we lived in Omaha. We had just spent months in Los Angeles, so she wore a excessive layered look of Gap, Gymboree, American Apparel, Olive Juice and Zara.
We spent an entire day at Houston Airport in this comfy skinny jean and t set from Zara.
Hanging out at The Grove in Los Angeles in a jean jacket from Baby Gap; skirt, purse and scarf from Zara, Am Appy socks and pink Converse. We went to The Squeegees on this day.
This was Xmas Eve of the roughest year. This was her tree, it's a long story. Being a real trooper in a dress from Crewcuts and a Target sweater and belt.
Dressed up as a hipster (as a joke) in some Target lace leggings, She & Him shirt as a dress, theatre 3d glasses and her signature Riley jean jacket.

Bringing the blog back?

I'm considering abandoning my commitment to neglect this blog and bring it back to speed. However, there is a full year of missed posts and a toddler who is now quite the independent little child (as if she was ever NOT independent...). The new posts will be a far cry from the old ones, as I haven't an idea what most line names are, nor have I shopped at Gymboree in over a year. Riley is responsible for her fashion most days, but we'll try blogging her picks on a trial basis, and hope you stick around to see how we've evolved.

Happy holidays!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Toddler Hairstyles: Are bangs a necessity?

I love fringe. I have thicker side swept (almost straight accross) bangs, so I obviously like the way they look. On adults. I've not been a fan of them on children for the most part after seeing ad after ad of kids where their bangs are cut too high. I think they do not fit kid's typically chubbier faces. I never would've decided to cut Riley a set because of the style...but I couldn't deal with her pushing her hair out of her face ALL DAY anymore. So we took the plunge and chopped away. Hallelujah, her hair is out of her face and I don't have to mess with it all day. Sure there are kids out there who have straight hair that is easily pulled back and tamed, but not this girl- and I feel like a mom-revelation has clicked when I realized why so many toddler girls have bangs. They are totally a necessary evil, like taxes or social networking.
I think they look a little odd, and a little mini hipsterish, but they are growing on me. What do you think?
Clothes: Stella McCartney for Baby Gap. Gymboree boots. (lower) Marc Jacobs tunic.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Riley is a busy girl.....

You know, for a 3 year old she has some pretty big dreams.

When she's not busy trying to be the next T.Swift:

She's busy practicing ballet for her future with the ABA.

She's VERY professional and dedicated to that dream.

And when she isn't in dance class or frolicking around cornfields in a dream-like pixie state, she's dreaming about her "boyfriend" Alex, who moved across the pond.

Alex, this smile is for you.

Because you're the bribe that it takes to get a 3 year old girl to smile apparently. She was very adamant about the fact that this smile was for Alex, and not for Mommy in the slightest.

So apart from being obsessed with becoming a country music sensation/professional ballerina, she is also boy crazy.

Lucky me.

Join me later this week when we take one last look at Riley's summer wardrobe, a peek into the future diva's closet.
Brands worn in post: Little Marc Jacobs, Danskin, True Religion, Matila Jane, Little Beauty Boutique

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

I don't know what is more bizarre: The fact that this Mim Pi beauty still fits a year later, or the fact that I inadvertently put her in this dress for what I assumed would be the last time EXACTLY one year after the first time she wore it. I think I creeped myself out with that coincidence.
Worn: 5 times
Last wear: August 24, 2009

It is amazing how much one child can grow and change in a year.
Last year- This year:
Her hair just started growing- She has a whole mess of it that I have to trim
Her main activity was playdates- She has dance, cheer, and school coming up
She was bossy and dramatic.................well, I guess EVERYTHING can't change in a year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Fashion Misadventures of one Miss Riley Cadance/Snow Wipe/Punky Brewster Jr.

She has a maid, a chef, and a personal assistant all rolled into one person-- it really is no wonder that she truly believes without a doubt that she is a princess.
Sporting Dora and Hot Cocoa is never a faux pas for the fashion trendsetters. She does have to sport fashion for the upcoming season after all-- and if that means snowflakes in August, so be it. I won't comment on the fact that she rescued said outfit from the Goodwill pile.
One can never go wrong when wearing the fabulous Marc Jacobs.....except maybe when you forget to wear bottoms and put navy knee highs with brown cowgirl boots. *Shudder*
Paging the Wicked Witch of OZ..... I think the winds may have blown your stockings north to a little girl in Iowa. Black and white striped leggings are a must have this season. Paired with anything and everything of course. The busier the patterns the better!

.........I offer this post in lieu of an excuse. Pictures are worth a thousand words, after all.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Gymboree for preschool-- woohoo!