Saturday, February 28, 2009


We were hit with pink eye here last night and since the doctor's office is closed, Riley is actually home on the weekend. Which delays packing and studying for me, but at least I can comfort my poor sick monkey.
In the ultimate spirit of comfiness, she is wearing the shell pink/chestnut Hanna playdress set with matching leggings and socks. The made to match headband was made by by a lovely lady named Megan. Her bows are excellent, and made of actual Hanna fabric making them just as long lasting as the actual dress!
We will be retiring this playdress tonight, as it is to the point I deem "too short to wear even with leggings". This will probably be her last playdress ever since I think they're starting to look like pajamas now that she's almost 2. Tears, my baby is growing up!

Friday, February 27, 2009


The past two days I have been pretty lazy, and Riley has not let me get one shot of her, therefore--fashion log was put on the back burner.
Today I am more determined and offer you this: The last time we will wear this adorable outfit from Gymboree's Sweeter Than Chocolate line. It was a favorite from Riley's Papa, but the vest and shirt have become too short. Today was the first day in a few that I actually attempted to do Riley's hair, simple piggies with a felt clippie from Happie Mommie Clippies by Heather Gayle. Check her out on Etsy, these clips are adorable. Goodbye, size 18-24--we will miss the layette years very much.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Update & 2.23-24

Sorry that I left the blog hanging! On the weekends Riley goes to both sets of Grandparents on Saturday & Sunday and we see her for only a few hours each day. I don't dress her on those days and I don't take pictures for the couple hours we are with her. Weekends on this blog will be pretty bare needless to say :)

Yesterday she sported the Matilda Jane Brownie Lap. This has to be my favorite clothing item she owns. I know it appears to be the most simple dress ever, but it goes with almost anything and the cut is SO cute. We paired it with Target bows and shoes and with some neopolitan Baby Legs. I thought I would be sure to love the combo, but I don't. The dress is still my favorite though.

Today, the 24th (Tuesday) we started out in this little gem from Baby Gap. I have another serious obsession with knee highs and the more I write in this blog, I realize how much Bekki and I could possibly be seperated at birth haha.

After an incident with Spaghetti O's, we retired this outfit to the laundry pile and put on some Matilda Jane. I think buying MJ was the best clothing investment I have made thus far. I love it on her, so she wears it more than once, and it washes and holds up SO well. Better than any other brand we own for sure. It makes me thrilled to order the new line on the 1st. :giddy!: This is the Abbi knot with the Olive Juice ruffles. Target tee underneath and See Kai Run Clara's adorning her big feet.
This last picture is of her telling me she is popping, but instead she threw her Little People person in the toilet and said "People pooping" So much for potty training.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Off to daycare she goes today in a vintage Baby Gap ensemble. Some people say black on babies is morbid--I disagree wholeheartedly. It's classic, every little girl needs their first LBD!
The bow is from Pink Hippo, the shirt is a baby Gap basic, the knee highs and shoes are from Target. And the jumper, oh the jumper. This baby was picked up new with tags at a local consignment shop for $7. That's right. Baby Gap 2004. I would've paid full price for this beauty had it been in the retail store this year, I'm not kidding I am a complete sucker for black and white. There will be tears when we pack this outfit away.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today is Riley's 21 month birthday! My baby is almost a big two year old!

We had gymnastics this morning so Riley sported a comfy velour yoga set from Greggy Girl. And when I saw we, I do mean it--as I do most of the work for her.

After gymnastics and going out for after-gymnastics ice cream, we came home to clean up and wind down. She will spend the rest of her day in Janie & Jack's Little Paris onesie and sweater. The sweater has beautiful detailing that of course she wouldn't let me get a good picture of. The jeans are Baby Gap bootlegs. We have a few pairs of these, they're the best fitting jeans for Riley.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Nothing too exciting today. I had class and lab all day, so Riley wore some comfy almost boy-like clothes to her Grandma's. The bow is from Pink Hippo, as per usual. The brown undershirt is from Gymboree, jeans are wideleg jeans from Baby Gap and the hoodie is the Holly Hoodie from Matilda Jane. Paired with her Target boots and viola--an outfit fit for getting dirty.
Tomorrow is gymnastics, so there will likely be two outfits if that's something to look forward to! haha :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today I am blogging earlier than usual as a distraction from school. I have a paper due today and for the life of me I am not able to finish it. Riley's not much help since her only ideas are "Nemo fish".
Daddy is home today so it's cozy and cute in basic Gap bootleg jeans and Matilda Jane's Claudia jacket. Underneath is the Born to Shop Gymboree shirt from their Petite Madomoiselle line. Her accessories today are her Thomas sippy, her Sweeter Than Chocolate necklace (another Gymbo treasure) and her growing piggies.
The MJ jacket is still a little long in the arms, but I love the length otherwise. Andrew's parents call MJ her "street urchin" clothing. If only street urchines could afford MJ! What a stylish world we would live in.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Today we townhouse shopped, and we know tomorrow if we are moving! Anyway, I put Riley in an everyday kind of toddler outfit to display our complete normalcy. Relators like that.
Today's outfit comes from Baby Gap's Boho Baby line. When this line came out, I did not rush out to buy it unlike everyone else in the world. I waited and when it sold out I bought it full price on Ebay. Lesson learned. I really love these colors on Miss Riley though.
The bow is a toddler bow from Pink Hippo, the bracelet was made by my aunt Heidi, and the shoes are our favorite See Kai Run Geneva's. I think See Kai Run's may be the best toddler shoe ever created in the history of the world, but that's a post for another day. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today we are rocking some new-to-us Matilda Jane from the lovely Bekki. I love MJ Lap dresses more than any other dress I think. They are comfy and just darling. This is the Pinkie Lap dress paired with our brown ruffle pants. The piggie bows are from Target and I made her bracelet at eyebead Gemstone, a bead store in Valley Junction in Iowa. I actually made it with a friend and her daughter, and this is their friendship bracelet. Gotta have the accessories! I added the second shot so you could see the bracelet better, and the third to show off just how cute toddler bellies are. We are headed to Target today and other errands so we decided to keep it cute and comfy :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today's outfit is from Janie & Jack's "Penguin Winter" line. This is really the only J&J outfit this winter that has made me melt the moment I saw it. I bought it full price and this is only the second time she has worn it. Am I proud of that? No. But I love it and don't regret the purchase. It is Valentines Day and we didn't pre-determine anything to wear, so hearts and pink came to the rescue! The bow is from Pink Hippo Bows, a local boutique and online store that we have been frequenting since Riley was a newborn. They may be overpriced, but they are worth it!
Happy Valentines Day! :)

Riley's Ever Evolving Fashion Log

For the past few months, I have been updating Riley's Facebook Fashion Log daily. I will continue to do so, but also blog here each day in more detail about each outfit for the more fashion savvy fans & friends :)

If you have any questions about where to get something featured in our blog, feel free to comment and I will be sure to get back to you! I love getting good deals and finding unique combos for my little princess to wear and enjoy helping others do the same. :)