Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, the 22nd & Tuesday the 21st

Sorry, I have been a bit behind and in a funk being sick and trying to just get school over with before final grades and finals! I forgot until the end of both days to take the pic, so they're not great but they show what she wore, which I guess is the point :)

This was Tuesday. We were just hanging out at home with the new kitty, Leo, so I threw on some things I wouldn't cry over if they became destroyed by the furocious 8 week old beast. The shirt is from Baby Gap and it is the most befitting shirt I have ever laid eyes on for my child. I threw on some Matilda Jane Olive Juice ruffles to make a funky look, it tied together cutely with a bow, but since she was home with daddy all night while I was in class, the bow disappeared before I could take a pic.

Today was HOT! In Iowa! Finally! 80 degrees? It's time to bust out the sleeveless dresses! Our first summer beauty is the highly sought after Enchanted Butterfly dress from Janie & Jack. It truly is a beautiful little number, and paired with a large butterfly bow with her name in it and her Princess Lelli Kelly's (her pick, not mine, she's all about "PICK" these days), I think it was a success. At least the people at the town grocery store thought so. :)

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  1. The Enchanted Butterfly looks so cute! Good call with the brand mixing. ;)