Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6th

Get this, if she's wearing something that isn't particularily cute--she poses. Go figure. Today she stayed at home with Daddy all day and then we planned to go to a track meet, so she is in private school sweatshirt attire that forces me to roll my eyes. The jeans are from Baby Gap as are the Converse shoes. The bow is from Pink Hippo, and you can't see them, but today we did low piggies for the first time and they were CA-UTE. She looked so "grown up", or as grown up as an almost two year old can! Sorry for the junk pic today, I waited until bedtime to take it and there wasn't time to mess with the settings.


  1. Now that is funny. :D Go figure that she poses when you don't need her to. Congrats on the back piggies!