Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 12th

Today's ensemble is from Baby Gap. This dress is absolutely beautiful, and while the sweater is still a little big I think it's a nice pairing since the weather decided to take a turn today....again. The shoes are last years Janie & Jack white espadrilles. These shoes are basically worthless as they didn't stay on worth a darn. They are a size small, but they worked for today and now they shall not see the light of day until they are re-homed. The bow is Pink Hippo's toddler bow. Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Allie! I love your blog and Miss Riley is cuter every time I see pics! I would love to do one of these for Mr. L, but ALL my friends would seriously flog me and talk about me behind my back... esp!! my MIL!

  2. Happy Easter, Allie and Riley! She looks adorable! :)