Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday, April 9th

So I bought this beautiful fancy silk dress that I thought was so cute that I would let Riley wear it just out to the mall and whatnot all the time. I would get SO much use out of it. Did I? Absolutely not. This would be the second time ever that she wore it. Guess what? It's also the last. Dry clean clothes and toddlers? Not a great combo! The fact that it's a sleeveless dress kept me away from it basically all season as well. If the brown Target boots were the best buy of the season, I think this dress may have very well been the worse. It's from Gymboree, and I bought it full priced. Don't worry, I've already kicked myself bruised over it.
The sweater and the leggings are from Baby Gap. She is wearing her tall Uggs and a basic bow from Pink Hippo after she lost the matching silk bow at the mall.

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  1. I can relate and sympathize. Together we will never let this happen again.