Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, April 7th

No, it has not become drastically warmer in the midwest, but I believe it's 50 today, and since we're inside all day and winter clothes are becoming too small....we threw on a brand new outfit from Baby Gap. No idea of the line name and honestly, I didn't love it to begin with. But I had a coupon, and well, you know how that goes. I actually LOVE this combo together now. So young and vibrant, perfect for spring!
This shirt runs TINY, by the way. Riley wears a 2 and this shirt is a 3, she could probably have even went up to the size 4! The capris are size 2 and a beautiful fit. Of course we had to get the matching braided headband too, if only to validate Andrew's view of Riley's "hippie" clothing. This was our convo at Gap last night. Andrew: "Doesn't she already have that outfit from Matilda Jane?" Me: "Drew, it looks nothing like Matilda Jane." Andrew: "Well, it looks like hippie clothes like Matilda Jane." Me: "But it's cheaper." ANdrew: "Sold."

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  1. Thanks for giving Kayleigh a heart attack.. lol...


    and I thought you said she only smiles when its something "blah"?