Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16th

We had a little "birthday photoshoot" that didn't turn out as planned. Miss Riley was very uncooperative and it was frustrating, to be honest. So this is labeled failed attempt #1 at her 2nd birthday pictures. There are more, and some better, but this is her fashion blog, so here are the best pics of the outfit of the day :) This is the Matilda Jane Katie Lou (original) that I absolutely adore. We paired it with the MJ aqua ruffle leggings and it was a little colder than expected, so we threw on a shrug from the Children's place. I'm pretty sure it's the first item we've owned from there ever! The flowerband is from LittleBeautyBoutique and the shoes are her infamous Princess shoes, by Lelli Kelly. No, I don't think they're really called the Princess shoe, but Riley says it so, so it is.

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