Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24

I have an unrequited love of pintucked/stitched/gathered shirts. I buy them, loving them, but finding out shortly after tearing off the tags and making them mine that they are manipulative little tricksters who never quite hang and stay the way you would like. Though aesthectically pleasing on a hanger- it is all a deception, once you make actually purchase the shirt it shows you it's true colors and rides up and becomes a nusance all day. This shirt is the John Mayer of shirts. Nice to look at, but quite the pain in the ass when the day is done.

This shirt is from Janie & Jack, picked up during my Friends & Family Event trip in Omaha. The headband is also J&J, from the same line: Spring Celebration. Though the pants are not J&J, I found them to be a perfect match from Target, and a great solution to our unfortunate issue with J&J pants. They run very slim, and sometimes little girls "junk trunks" as Riley would say. So we ditched the yellow capris from Janie and paired up with the Target ones, that were a lot cheaper also. Bonus.

I am considering other options for this shirt however, because I do love it dearly. Anyone who can comment and post an accessible (not sold out, not from out of the country, not a local only shop) link for a yellow high waisted toddler skirt in a 3t-5t, or any color you think would look cute with this shirt has the potential to win a NEW COACH KEYCHAIN. Blog FOLLOWERS ONLY. (But 'following' is quick & easy, so newbies welcome) Based on the number of entries, I will generate a random number from to pick the winner. Tell your friends. :)


  1. Ok, this is a neat one, I think!
    I'm going to keep looking though. :)

  2. This one has me drooling. Check out the other color too...beautiful!

  3. Also very pretty, but not yellow, or high wasted...

    I thought this skirt was REALLY cute!!!

  5. Woops!!! That post from "Bryan" is my hubby...I didn't realize he was signed in when I left that post :)Here is the link again from Gap