Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12

Today's outfit is a result of the most stubborn toddler ever. Meet Your Highness, the princess miss Riley Cadance. Not only did she insist on wearing this....unique....combination- she decided I was only to address her as Your Highness today. I jokingly handed her the tiara we had purchased recently at Disneyland and she was delighted to wear it all day. Though I probably discourage such behavior, I indulged her for the day. She's off to the grandparents tonight, anyhow. :)
The tiara is from Disneyland, the shirt is from Naartjie, the skirt is the Molly from Matilda Jane, and the leggings and white undershirt are from Baby Gap. This answers the age old question of: What would a two year old wear if she could pick her own clothing?
I'm not loving the answer here. Does anyone else allow their toddler to pick out their own outfits? I'd love to hear feedback on the topic, and Riley would LOVE to know how you like her "pretty outfit" :)

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