Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Riley wore this same exact dress, The Matilda Jane Damsel in a Dress (Betsey Apron), last year on St. Patrick's Day- and since it was one of two green items in her closet today I decided it would be the perfect day to debut it....again. The differences in one year in the same child are just extraordinary, she's grown up so much.

This time we paired the dress with Gap undershirt & leggings as well as Gap boots....that amazingly still fit. We really need to find these in the next size up. Shameless plug for size 10! The bow is from our good friend, Sara. She's such a sweetheart, always sending us piggie bows and asking for nothing in exchange. We love our bows, Sara! But not as much as we love you :)

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