Wednesday, March 10, 2010


For those of you unaware, Naartjie is a South African kids clothing company that isn't too spendy and is all about layering. We have had Naartjie sets before, but only when they were gifted to us were they truly adorable. I never understood why I couldn't put together an outfit online to save my life until the moment I stepped in my first Naartjie store in Mission Viejo, California. Though the customer service at that location was less than stellar, I know that Naartjie prides themselves on excellent customer service and I recieved such at the second location I visited, Irvine Spectrum. Once in the store, I figured it out. Everything was prettier in person, and the matches were so much easier to make. I had to shop in store from now on. Problem: I live in a cornfield. We're lucky to have the stores we do, praying for a Naartjie would probably go unanswered eternally. Everything is built on layers, making it the perfect clothing for vacation or living in the midwest with it's fickle seasons. After being able to make outfits in person, I'm in love. We took a few sets home with us, and I couldn't be happier! Must haves: Lawn ruffles, "essentials" (layering shirts) and for some, the Jie Jie line. GO ORDER :)

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