Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Update & 2.23-24

Sorry that I left the blog hanging! On the weekends Riley goes to both sets of Grandparents on Saturday & Sunday and we see her for only a few hours each day. I don't dress her on those days and I don't take pictures for the couple hours we are with her. Weekends on this blog will be pretty bare needless to say :)

Yesterday she sported the Matilda Jane Brownie Lap. This has to be my favorite clothing item she owns. I know it appears to be the most simple dress ever, but it goes with almost anything and the cut is SO cute. We paired it with Target bows and shoes and with some neopolitan Baby Legs. I thought I would be sure to love the combo, but I don't. The dress is still my favorite though.

Today, the 24th (Tuesday) we started out in this little gem from Baby Gap. I have another serious obsession with knee highs and the more I write in this blog, I realize how much Bekki and I could possibly be seperated at birth haha.

After an incident with Spaghetti O's, we retired this outfit to the laundry pile and put on some Matilda Jane. I think buying MJ was the best clothing investment I have made thus far. I love it on her, so she wears it more than once, and it washes and holds up SO well. Better than any other brand we own for sure. It makes me thrilled to order the new line on the 1st. :giddy!: This is the Abbi knot with the Olive Juice ruffles. Target tee underneath and See Kai Run Clara's adorning her big feet.
This last picture is of her telling me she is popping, but instead she threw her Little People person in the toilet and said "People pooping" So much for potty training.


  1. I just LOVE the brownie lap on her...I hope to own it one day for Haley. Riley is such a little doll :)