Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today I am blogging earlier than usual as a distraction from school. I have a paper due today and for the life of me I am not able to finish it. Riley's not much help since her only ideas are "Nemo fish".
Daddy is home today so it's cozy and cute in basic Gap bootleg jeans and Matilda Jane's Claudia jacket. Underneath is the Born to Shop Gymboree shirt from their Petite Madomoiselle line. Her accessories today are her Thomas sippy, her Sweeter Than Chocolate necklace (another Gymbo treasure) and her growing piggies.
The MJ jacket is still a little long in the arms, but I love the length otherwise. Andrew's parents call MJ her "street urchin" clothing. If only street urchines could afford MJ! What a stylish world we would live in.

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