Friday, February 27, 2009


The past two days I have been pretty lazy, and Riley has not let me get one shot of her, therefore--fashion log was put on the back burner.
Today I am more determined and offer you this: The last time we will wear this adorable outfit from Gymboree's Sweeter Than Chocolate line. It was a favorite from Riley's Papa, but the vest and shirt have become too short. Today was the first day in a few that I actually attempted to do Riley's hair, simple piggies with a felt clippie from Happie Mommie Clippies by Heather Gayle. Check her out on Etsy, these clips are adorable. Goodbye, size 18-24--we will miss the layette years very much.


  1. Hey, she looks smashing in Sweeter Than Chocolate! :) Thanks for mentioning my clippies, too. (I am here if you're selling any and all of your STC...Ella can still wear that size and I LOVE that line. Just sayin'.)

    Heather ;)

  2. That back shot of Riley's head looks just like Kayleigh's! No-hair-a-tall