Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 8

We are literally snowed in. This is Iowa. One day it is almost 60 degrees and breezy, the next your driveway has 14 inches of snow and you are unable to leave. The state knows what it is doing, it traps its citizens in. Why else would I stay here? Anyway, Riley BEGGED to go play in the snow the minute she woke up. I held it off as long as possible, knowing all too well the moment I gave in she would make it a point to attempt to stay out ALL DAY. And she did. But I didn't let her freeze, and for that I suffered. When I went to dress her in snow appropriate clothes, I found I was ill prepared for this weather, so I improvised. "This polka dot mess will suffice" was the thought running through my mind as I bundled her up to brave the winter cold. Polka Dot Mess is compliments of Mini Boden (coat), Uggs (boots), and Gymboree (for everything else). Her style is clearly the envy of all the other tots in our neighborhood ready to pelt mommy with snowballs....even if she is the only tot in the neighborhood. :D

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