Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snowed In: Wednesday, December 9

Video notes: Please don't mind my little baby speak voice. I promise I don't sound 12 normally, usually I sound about 15. But still, give me some credit. :) Think she's heard this story a few hundred times?

Last wear: Tuesday, October 20th

Times now worn: 3

For the last wear of the Gap Deauville skirt that I adore so much, I switched things up a little and paired it with the white corsage tee as opposed to the black that we usually do (well, twice). Piggies are adorned with small white bows from Sara and once again Miss R is tight-less due to potty training. Anyway, au revoir, beautiful deauville skirt. We only knew you for a short time, but you were an instant favorite. Off to eBay for the next size up!

Time for a new section of the Riley Fashion Log Blog, RILEY REVIEWS! Now that she is a full fledged little person, she has her own opinions and is very verbal with them. After all, this blog is a window for her when she is older-- I want her to participate in it :) Expect Riley Reviews to be short, sweet and to the point.

Today Riley wore OPI's "Linkin Park After Dark" in suede on her little nails. This color is unique because of the suede finish, it dries ultra quick and varies from the original "LPAD" shade. I absolutely love it. Riley's opinion?:

"Purple is SO pretty on my nails, Mom-Mom. I LUFF IT!"

There you have it, if it's good enough for Miss High Maintainence, it should pass just about anyone's standards.

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