Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm sure these pictures are an accurate portrayl of how I look and why I put all my energy into my daughters clothing, as you can see I'm pretty frumpy. Years ago, in the land before Riley (aka high school) I was a relatively skinny, pretty girl. Okay, I'm being modest-- I was way adorable. Only in retrospect can you say that without sounding completely self absorbed, right?

Riley wanted to wear her ballerina princess dress yesterday, so that is what she wore. I'm trying to let her have choices now that she is becoming more opinionated and she loves this (nightgown) dress to pieces, and I do have to say it is MUCH cuter in person than it is online or on the rack. It is a velour, so it does look better when dried unfortunately and it runs small. We did a size 4 so we could tumble dry. I just don't like the look nor feel of velour when hung dried. Paired with an old matching bow from Pink Hippo to make it look less nightgownish and some Uggs (it was freezing) this was the perfect outfit for quick errands and watching the dreaded Straw-ba-ba-bapple Berry. All. Day.


  1. I think you and your daughter are absolutely beautiful! I love seeing all of her adorable little outfits! I need a little girl of my own to dress up! haha

  2. I still think you look adorable.

  3. Frumpy? Whatever, Allie, you are stunning! And Riley looks just like you :) I always make sure my kiddos look great but I barely give myself a second glance in the mirror- so I know what you mean!