Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 13th

Today Riley had a playdate with a new friend at the mall so I picked something easy and light for her to run around and look cute in. The more sensible option would've been jeans and a t shirt, but I'm rarely sensible when it comes to Riley's clothes and she was comfy I think :) The headband is from LittleBeautyBoutique on etsy from the lovely Jessica, the dress and leggings are Matilda Jane. The dress is from Hotline, the Phyllis, and doesn't appear to be too popular but it was my must have and I adore it, regardless of the wardrobe malfunctions it is apt to. I allowed Riley to wear her princess shoes since she was adamant about picking her shoes out and Lelli Kellys can basically be thrown with anything, in my opinion. If she wants to wear them to feel like a princess, I'll let her :)

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