Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thursday, May 14th

Today was supposed to be the day of Riley's studio portraits to commemorate her second year of life. Unfortunately, the rude unprofessional non photographers at Portrait Innovations were incapable of doing their job and I had to take her out to Grey's Lake and do them myself. I am not a professional photographer and I would never claim to be one, but I think I handled taking her pics a hell of a lot better than they did (or rather, did not).
The first outfit is my beloved Matilda Jane Brownie Lap, I was about to sell it but hey, I still think it's cute even if it's a tiny bit shorter than some people's liking. It covers her butt, so you know, whatever man. The hairband is the Peony one from LittleBeautyBoutique and her bracelet is made by me from eyebead gemstone in downtown WDM.
Second outfit is a plain white Gap tee with the new tutu from Gymboree's new Mermaid Magic line. It's size 3 and a tiny loose around the waist, not that you could tell from the pic with her baby belly, but it's fun to be able to shop baby girl and kid girl Gymbo now. The headband I purchased from Pink Hippo, but the beauitful flower is a brilliant LBB creation.
And finally, THE birthday dress that she will wear to her Princess party. It is a beautiful dress in person, from Isobella and Chloe. Ironically, two of my top name choices for Riley. With it she is wearing a flower clip from Pink Hippo.

I think the three outfits show off all of Riley's cute personalities, which birthday pictures should do right? I can't believe my little baby is turning 2 in a couple days!

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