Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday, so this picture may have to tide you over for a little while ;)

This is Riley's friend, TG and Riley after a lunch date. It's not often that I have the honor of posting a picture of two adorably dressed little Gap girls! :)

Riley is wearing her Abbey Road shift mini dress, for the last time because it is officially TOO short. But I love it, so I am happy I squeezed one last wear out of it. Today we paired with the usual matching knee socks from Baby Gap and shoes from Target but added a military style jacket from the same line that I picked up on sale for $9.99 a couple weeks ago. It adds a entire new level to the outfit and makes it weather appropriate, since the short sleeves of this dress no longer are. The polka dot purple piggie bows are from the lovely Sara :)

....PS-- that's day two of a smiling Riley picture. Beware the icicles that may rise up from below tonight, because I think hell just froze over. ;)


  1. The girls look so cute! Love the outfits :) Hope you had a great birthday weekend!!!

  2. Is that Deb's little girl?? Ahhh they are so cute!!