Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14th

The Matilda Jane Claudia jacket is an exquisite piece, beautifully designed with extraordinary color combinations-- but the functionality of it doesn't quite make the mark. The buttons aren't sewn on very well and the fit, obviously needs some work. Granted, I still love the piece paired with a tank underneath, but I'm not sure that it is very practical as an off the shoulders type jacket. This is a size 2, but the width would be better fitted for a four year old, maybe as a cropped jacket? I do have to say I'm at a loss with this one, folks. As much as I love it in theory, it just doesn't hold up to my Matilda Jane ideals I suppose.

The key to Riley's wardrobe is layering inexpensive basics/"side dishes" with more expensive "main course", such as the MJ jacket in this case. I like to center an entire outfit around one key "WOW" piece. Beyond adorable and it keeps your budget in check.

The chambray jeans are from Baby Gap, the brown layering tank from Old Navy and the blue flower clip is from Pink Hippo.

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  1. I always wanted this coat-never was able to get my mitts on it. Hmm....I'm kinda thinking it was a sign.