Saturday, September 4, 2010

Riley is a busy girl.....

You know, for a 3 year old she has some pretty big dreams.

When she's not busy trying to be the next T.Swift:

She's busy practicing ballet for her future with the ABA.

She's VERY professional and dedicated to that dream.

And when she isn't in dance class or frolicking around cornfields in a dream-like pixie state, she's dreaming about her "boyfriend" Alex, who moved across the pond.

Alex, this smile is for you.

Because you're the bribe that it takes to get a 3 year old girl to smile apparently. She was very adamant about the fact that this smile was for Alex, and not for Mommy in the slightest.

So apart from being obsessed with becoming a country music sensation/professional ballerina, she is also boy crazy.

Lucky me.

Join me later this week when we take one last look at Riley's summer wardrobe, a peek into the future diva's closet.
Brands worn in post: Little Marc Jacobs, Danskin, True Religion, Matila Jane, Little Beauty Boutique


  1. That's a very nice smile! Alex appreciates your smile very much, Riley. :)

  2. sweet is that!!! What a great smile! Miss you, Allie!