Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21

So you probably think I'm slacking. That I have better things to do than take a daily picture of Riley's clothes for this blog. Well, that's only partially true- but the real culprit behind the lack of entries this week is Miss Riley. I'm fairly certain she declared it "Naked Week", avoiding clothes at all costs. She was pretty bummed when I explained (for the thousandth time) that we cannot go out in public in the nude, and forced this adorable Janie & Jack set on her. True feelings about this are captured in picture above.

Times now worn: 2 --TWO?!?!? That is absolutely ridiculous as this is my FAVORITE in her closet right now. I think the fact that we lost the first pair of pants to a rust stain halted wearing it for awhile, so thank you so much to my wonderfully generous friend Sara for sending us replacement bottoms!!

Last wear: Wednesday, March 31

Top is Janie & Jack, bottoms are Naartjie capris from last year. Thanks again, Sara. We appreciate your sweetness as always :)

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