Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13

Meet the Charli dress from Loves Me Not (Knot, I'm k/not quite sure since I didn't order from them directly). I fell in love with it when this dress launched on the website, but unfortunately since I have a life I missed out on ordering it. When that site goes live with new items, you have to literally check out with it in your cart the minute it comes up. It makes for a certain exclusivity, but is unfortunate since many customers would be head over heels to order a gem like this. I pouted for awhile and was bitter, but eventually I forgot about it. Then I found it in a listing on GF one day and bought it right away. It is so girly and gorgeous, my only concern is how well it will hold up in the wash. Keep your fingers crossed for me, Riley says it's her favorite dress now, so it's bound to get washed frequently!

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