Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25

New hair! New hair! New hair!

I finally gave Riley her first haircut. You probably don't notice a difference, but it's shorter now because I evened the back out. Until now, she had a lovely rat tail that went halfway down her back. It was thick too, and starting to become difficult to style in a way that didn't make it look crazy. It broke my heart to cut her hair since it took her about three years to grow it, but it needed to be done in order to maintain her gorgeous healthy curls. Hopefully it will be easier to do her hair the rest of the summer now!

The dress that is on backwards (she's a defiant little thing....) is from Gymboree.


  1. omg she is soo adorable! :)


  2. :) does her hair hold the curl on its own pretty well or do you have to use product?