Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27

So I have been slacking in a major way. It's finals week (well, I'm fortunate enough to have two weeks of finals- ha) and I've been busy pursuing new, exciting ventures. Riley has been well dressed and along for the ride, but my camera seems to have been neglected.

Anyway, today she wore a skirt that has been hanging shyly in the back of her closet. Nervous that it would be too tight, I kept it at a distance, saddened by the potential thought that it may be too small before she ever wore it.

It was not. It was baby designer heaven. Yes, she does sort of look like a mini adult here, but I think Riley and Marc Jacobs were meant for each other. (The shirt is Matilda Jane, who I don't love quite as much anymore.)

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