Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

....Or is it Merry because it's Jesus related? Hmm.

The Easter goodies Riley recieved from Mommy:

I don't like to give her candy, but felt the chocolate bunny was necessary....mostly so I could eat it. The rest of the goodies is Mommy dearest pushing my childhood favorites on her. Rainbow Brite (though I loved LaLa Orange more), Hello Kitty, Alice In Wonderland (okay, that was more of a teenage indulgence. Don't ask.), and My Little Pony. She loved this basket so much, that she snuck into the top shelf and opened it early.

This seems to be Riley's signature pose lately. It's "pageant face", on command, but not always as cute as it appears. We can thank Janie & Jack for today's Easter get up. It is from my beloved Spring Celebration line. I am forever falling in love with shirts that ride up, but I love it anyway.

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