Friday, September 4, 2009

Wednesday, August 12th

I know, I have lost track of the blog....again. But I am striving to be back into the swing of things this month. My classes have begun and my work schedule is more regular and I'm figuring it all out, so back to the toddler fashion we go!

Today she wore a beautiful, simple cotton dress from Baby Gap's Villa line matched with a plain white Gymboree tee. The flower in her hair is from LBB and the shoes are from Gymboree. White sandals are the best investment during the summer, those things have been worn to death and I always feel good about tossing out a well worn pair of shoes. May sound weird, but having unworn shoes at the end of a season really bothers me since I always pay a good amount for sturdy, cute shoes. Gymboree is terrific for those basic sandal needs every summer.

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