Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25

Is it really obvious that I've misplaced my Nikon this week? Anyway, this dress is from Janie & Jack's Flamingo Drive line. This was one of the dresses she recieved from my mom as part of her birthday present from her. It is a lot cuter on than I anticipated, but still not a favorite. It's special to her though, and that is all that matters. :) We didn't leave the house today, so I threw her hair in a ponytail- which as you can see became quite the mess within minutes of pulling it back. I really need more ideas for hairstyles for her. She has super curly, poofy hair and I prefer to stay away from heat styling as much as I can. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hey, Adison has the same hair type..very very curly and crazier than most would imagine. She also has a kind of deep side part like Riley does, only on the opposite side. It's probably a little longer in the back than Riley's, but has the random short pieces in the front that just don't seem to grow at the same speed as the back. Basically they have the same hairstyle.
    I do a lot of the following:
    half pigtails high on her head
    full pigtails just below the ears and placed a little toward the back of her head.
    side parted and pull the fuller side up in a pony.
    Side parted and braid the front section, either leave the back down, or pull both sides into messyish piggies.
    Leave it down, side part, bow clipping it back from her face. This requires mousse or some other styler, not sure how you feel about products in her hair, but I have found that Adison's will behave a lot better if I give it a little dollop of something to control it.