Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 10

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Meet THE furry vest. This eyesore is from Gymboree's new SuperStar line and was purchased during a moment of weakness at Gymboree's Circle of Friends Sale this previous weekend. Why did I buy this piece if I loathe it so? Because this girl right here, in the picture, she LOVES it. She told me "Mommy I looooove this. So soft." How could I deny this girl, right here, of a piece of clothing she LOVES that doesn't have ugly Dora on it? I could not. Hence why she owns it.

However, regardless of how I feel personally about this vest, I think Riley still rocks it. She has the personality to pull off something this sassy, and on her- I love it. We paired it with Gap skinny jeans, a headband from loveable creations on etsy, Uggs and a FABULOUS shirt from Gymboree's Wild One line.

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  1. this is way cute on her! I saw that vest and couldn't make up my mind if I liked it or not. I probably wouldn't like it on Peyton but Ri rocks it for sure!